What is sexual abstinence? Is it good to have it for male?

Sexual Abstinence

This is a great question. Thus, it would only be appropriate to acknowledge the fact that there are various and multiple answers to this very question. Sexual abstinence is considered a great way of leading one’s life in some societies. Although there are also societies in which one does not think it to be apt to lead a life that is dictated by what could be understood as sexual abstinence. It is indeed a very subjective question and therefore, the answer to this question may vary from one person to another. But you need not worry as long as you are on this particular page, we are here to ensure that we provide you with a fantastic answer to your question.

Wikipedia states that “sexual abstinence or sexual restraint is the practice of refraining from some or all aspects of sexual activity for medical, psychological, legal, social, financial, philosophical, moral, or religious reasons.”

Yes, that particular sums it up in a nice and crisp manner. Sexual restraint, therefore, relates to the idea of controlling one’s sexual urges (physiological in nature) in order to achieve a desired higher goal. Yes, the most common form of sexual restraint is moral in nature. A lot of people around the world endorse the fact that leading sex less life makes one great. It is also believed that it does not engage in any sort of sexual activities then he is considered to have accomplished victory over all sort of worldly greeds. This can seem a little foolish to the ones who may hold a totally different perspective on the same issue. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that one does not disrespect someone’s call if though s/he does not approve of what one believes in. That is what is called a celebration of the difference of opinions.

Thus, sexual abstinence is nothing more than controlling oneself to not indulge in anything that is minutely related to sex. It has a lot to with one’s will power and self control. If one is unable to control his sexuual urges and often gives in to his sexual urges then probably according to certain religions and certain moral orders, the individual is not a great soul. This is because the individual lacks the ability to overcome his/her sexual urges.

Now, we will straight away jump onto the next part of this question. The question is about the fact if sexual abstinence is actually good for males or not. Well, my question to this question would be a clear cut NO. This is simply because I do not feel that a man needs to suppress his sexuality in order to be a great man. There are indeed better ways of being one. Therefore, I do not buy the idea of sexual restraint propagated by any sort of moral/philosophical or religious order. Although I am totally up for sexual restraint related to other unavoidable circumstances like that of medical, legal and psychological reasons. This is again not to say that I do not understand or I am disregarding someone’s take on sexual abstinence but this is just to say that I do not endorse this view of thought that exists regarding the whole concept or phenomenon of sexual abstinence. I hope that I was able to answer your question in a great way. I tried to be as sensitive as possible while stating my take on the same.

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